Well, this is embarrassing. This site got hacked, and had to be reinstalled from scratch. But all the posts and photos have been lost.

So what are you missing out on? TangoPaparazzo was started in 2009 by me (Peter Forret) as my alter ego for Argentine tango photography. First solo (hence not paparazzi), but from 2014 together with my fiancé/wife Panni. We traveled all over Europe to take pictures of tango events (milongas, marathons, festivals). It was super fun and we made dozens of friends all over the place.

But this stopped after 2018, because we had a little baby girl Zorah and she made us want to stay home and hug her all the time. So no more traveling.

To get a feel of what we did, check our @tangopaparazzo Instagram or even more on the @tangopaparazzo Flickr Collection!