2015: Abrazo Del Mar (Summer & Winter edition), Belgium

2015: Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival, Croatia

2015: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium

2015: TanGOTOIstanbul, Turkey

2015: La Lanterna Marathon, Genova, Italy

2015: Danube Tango Marathon, Budapest, Hungary

2014: Florence Festango, Italy

2014: MSTF, Porec, Croatia

2014: Festivalito Del Mar, Blankenberge, Belgium

2014: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium

2014: San Valentine Marathon, Rome, Italy

2013: Circuito Milonguero Marathon, Torino, Italy

2013: Marathon Del Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium

2013: Cita De Los Amigos, Brussels Belgium

2013: Festivalito Del Mar, Blankenberge, Belgium

2013: Lisbon Tango Festival, Portugal

2013: La Tosca Marathon, Italy

2013: Santa Mergellina, Napoli, Italy

2012: Mantova Tango Festival, Italy

2012: Bucharest Tango Marathon, Romania

2012: Brussels Tango Marathon

tp.2012.1014_0353.0505.jpg tp.2012.1013_0110.0083.jpg tp.2012.1014_0052.0002.jpg

2012: Tango Addiction Festival, Mons


2012: Danubiando, Budapest

tp.2012.0831_0002.0400.jpg tp.2012.0902_0143.0469.jpg tp.2012.0903_0127.9978.jpg

2012: Marathon Del Chocolate, Brussels

tp.2012.0812_1501.0526.jpg tp.2012.0815_1122.6936.jpg tp.2012.0812_1502.0605.jpg

2012: Istanbul Tango Festival, Turkey

tp.20120707.0009.2716.jpg tp.20120706.2316.0305.jpg tp.20120708.0011.0652.jpg

2012: Marathon La Cita de Los Amigos, Brussels

tp.2012.0702_1832.1942.jpg tp.2012.0702_1923.0089.jpg tp.2012.0702_1923.0083.jpg


tp.20120425.2020.4166.jpg tp.20120425.2300.4861.jpg tp.20120503.0105.0250.jpg

2012: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium

BTF2012: Sunday @ Vaudeville Brussels Tango Festival: Friday 

2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina

PFOR_1228_0656_0468.jpg PFOR_0101_0205_0704.jpg PFOR_0109_0553_1252.jpg

2011: Bucharest Tango Marathon, Romania

PFOR_1113_1615_1103.jpg PFOR_1113_0017_9902.jpg PFOR_1113_2330_0242.jpg

2011: Brussels Tango Marathon, Brussels, Belgium


2011: Marathon del Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium

PFOR_0814_1431_0446.jpg PFOR_0815_0346_0861.jpg PFOR_0812_2335_0241.jpg

2011: Beirut Tango Festival, Lebanon

2011: Brussels Tango festival, Belgium
2011: Tango Marathon La Tosca, Italy

2011: Tango Marathon La Divina, Sweden

2010: Tango Marathon Malmö, Sweden

2010: Tango Marathon Brussels, Belgium
2010: Tango Marathon Hamburg, Germany

2010: Tango Festival 59°, Sweden

2010: Tangocamp Germany, Italy, Sweden & Greece
2010: Koninginnedag, Netherlands

2010: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium
2010: Tango Festival Doble Oche, Netherlands

2009: Tango Festival Arealidades, Sweden

2009: Tangocamp Greece, Germany

2009: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium

2008: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium

2007: Brussels Tango Festival, Belgium

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing from Lima, Perú. I was viewing a really amazing tango photos with a extraordinary eye catching the moment, expression and feeling. Congratulations!

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