Lisbon Tango Festival 2013


I have seldom be as well received as this weekend in Lisbon. There is not only the Lisbon Tango Festival, there’s also the excellent Portuguese cuisine and hospitality, and hanging out with good friends in a beautiful house in the hills close to Lisboa. Taking pictures here is a delight. A big thank you to Rebecca, Augusto and Joaquim for welcoming us!

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Brussels Tango Festival 2012

Just finished the Brussels Tango Festival!! It was the sixth time I was the photographer here and it was absolutely great. This year I introduced a dress code theme for each evening to liven up the photos, and they did just that. Here are the winners:

Thursday ‘FIRE’:

Lisa & Olivier – 76 votes

Friday ‘OCEAN’:

Elsa & Mihai – 74 votes

Saturday ‘CLOUDS’:

Faustine & Patrick – 94 votes

Sunday ‘FLOWERS’:

Anna Lucia & Alessandro

Monday ‘CRAZY’:

Helene, Nora, Ines, Lisa & Inge


Check out the full album here:
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