Istanbul Tango Festival 2012

I was allowed to escape the Belgian rain season for a weekend and go to the place where Europe touches Asia and tango thrives. I never have been that spoilt in open-air milongas (roof top! swimming pool! Bosphorus bridges with light show!). Thanks to Aydogan & Sule for their warm welcome, to all the nice Turkish people I’ve met and to the numerous friends I had the pleasure of meeting again (Beirut represent!).

tp.20120706.0046.2406.jpg tp.20120706.0021.2342.jpg tp.20120706.2316.0305.jpg 

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tp.20120707.2345.0360.jpg tp.20120707.0226.2769.jpg tp.20120708.0023.0730.jpg

tp.20120708.2129.3085.jpg tp.20120708.2335.0051.jpg tp.20120708.2248.3125.jpg

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