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Brussels Tango Festival 2014

This year was the 10th anniversary of the Brussels Tango Festival, the one that got me started in photos. Together with my partner in crime Panni, we took thousands of pictures on the afternoon milongas, evening salons and special events. We also had 6 visiting photographers in the festival, and their photos, together with the Paparazzo ones, can be found on the official photo album of the Brussels Tango Festival.

Alejandra Hobert & Adrian Veredice
Alejandra Hobert & Adrian Veredice

Magdalena Huttierez & Horacio Godoy

Erna & Santiago Giachello

Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval

Orchestra Solo Tango (RU)

The organiser, Nathalie Jonckheere

La Cita de Los Amigos, 2013

My second time at La Cita (see last year’s photos here: La Cita 2012) and my very first time with my brand new Canon 5D Mk III. I am a happy man.


Benedicte & Jens-Ingo have again managed to organize a big marathon with lots of dancers from all over the world, and still keep a friendly and cosy atmosphere. And the new venue, the former Brigittines church is awesome!

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