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Tangocamp Greece: the finale

This year the Tangocamps really went in crescendo. Greece was the warmest, the fanciest and the most fun of them all. Of course, the fact that it was the last one made everyone feel like there was some fun to be made!

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Tangocamp Sweden – the pictures

Third Tangocamp: Stenungsund (Sweden). We’re over half-way! In a really classy hotel with really nice people. It is so easy to make friends here.
And there’s also the memorable fancy dress milonga. This year the theme was: Flower Power!

All pictures can be found here: Tangocamp Sweden (Stenungsund)

Tangocamp Italy – the pictures

Second tangocamp was in Rome (Italy) and I must say there are a lot of good-looking people there.
Take this couple:

And not only dancing:

All pictures can be found here: Tangocamp Italy (Roma)

Tangocamp Germany – the pictures

Tangocamp started in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is a collaboration with Tanzhaus, which is why the first day started with a theatre show. The lighting was just perfect. We photographers like that. I’m really happy with the pictures I could take here.
My favourite one?

See all my pictures here: Tangocamp Germany (Düsseldorf)