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La Divina marathon 2011

La Divina” is a tango marathon up in Sigtuna, Sweden, in the middle of snowy hills and sturdy pine trees. We were welcomed in a cosy hotel, memorable for its China-themed decoration and abundance of oranges. The organisation was flawless, the food was excellent and the dancing … well, see for yourself.

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Tango 59° – Stockholm

I like going to Sweden, so when I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures at the Tango 59° festival in Stockholm, I didn’t hesitate. I stayed with a friend near the city (thx, Michel!) and went to dance in the afternoon milongas at Stallet and the evening salons at Nalen. Most pictures here are taken during a 30-minute span at Nalen.

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Tangocamp Sweden – the pictures

Third Tangocamp: Stenungsund (Sweden). We’re over half-way! In a really classy hotel with really nice people. It is so easy to make friends here.
And there’s also the memorable fancy dress milonga. This year the theme was: Flower Power!

All pictures can be found here: Tangocamp Sweden (Stenungsund)

aRealidades: Demo Night #1

Friday night of the aRealidades festival: live music from Quinteto Sonor / Demo from Carolina Lafata & Cristian Duarte and Julieta Falivene & Pedro Farias:

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aRealidades @ Stockholm: Show #2

More pictures from the fabulous aRealidades show. Tonight we have the last performance and then the workshops and milongas are starting.
Stockholm turns out to be a swell city. It’s green, clean, not too cold, the variety in expresso bars is impressive, but most of all the friendliness of the Swedes is striking. If you’re in need of anything, they help you out in excellent English and otherwise they’ll just start chatting.

To see a slideshow of all aRealidades pics, click here: