Personal project: “zapatos terminados”


Dear tango ladies – fans of the Tango Paparazzo 😉
for a personal photo project for 2013 I am looking for end-of-life tango shoes or “zapatos terminados“. With this I mean: shoes that have become unwearable and/or unresellable because of wear or damage. The shoes you can only throw away, but it hurts your heart to do so 🙂
The more colorful/spectacular the shoes are, the better. The only thing I can offer in return is the eternal pride and satisfaction of you recognizing your shoes in a beautiful picture.

The Paparazzo writes a manifesto

(for the impatient ones, here is the Tango Paparazzo Manifesto)

Contrary to popular belief, the Tango Paparazzo was not born with a mini reflex camera in his tiny hands. Actually, most people only knew him as “Peter” (or “Mr Forret”) up till May 2009. That’s when, after a long bike ride and one too many beers, the idea struck to create an alter ego for his increasing photography activity abroad. Within the hour the domain name was registered with an iPhone (the Paparazzo was always a Speedy Gonzales) and a journey of passion and discovery through tens of thousands of photos started. Four years later, his equipment bag weighs just over ten kg, his portfolio covers more than a dozen countries, and he has made beautiful pictures of more people than there are fans of Telex. (Who is Telex?? Never mind…)

As the Paparazzo was quoted saying from his penthouse overlooking both the Eiffel Tower and the Bosphorus: “It all comes from a fascination for people, beauty and movement. I love arriving in a new place and watching the faces of people while they dance, smile, talk, concentrate. I am excited the morning after a shoot, when I load my pictures on the laptop and start post processing. I love what I do. I love getting better at it. And I love my afternoon massage. Here’s the lotion.

One day, during a beautiful sunset over his private golf course, the Paparazzo was explaining his view on life in general and photography in particular, to a small crowd of friends. He was drawing out the concepts of social tango photography and morning after publishing on a silk napkin, and thought: Why not put some of stuff in writing? It will show organizers what they can expect, and I’ll add some of my best pictures to make them weak in the knees. This is when he put down his cocktail, unbuttoned his tuxedo and wrote the Tango Paparazzo Manifesto. What makes the Paparazzo special? Is he really worth all that champagne? It’s all in there!


Photographer of Tangocamp 2010!


That’s right, Nathalie & Pino, the sweet Swedish organizers of Tangocamp have invited me to be the TangoCamp 2010 photographer! So in June this year, expect me to be taking lots of pictures of tango afficionados in beautiful places.

What is Tangocamp? A travelling tango festival that starts on June 3rd in Dusseldorf, Germany, then goes to Rome, Italy the next weekend, to Stenungsund, Sweden the one after that and ends in a little piece of heaven called Eretria, Greece. You get classes from famous Argentinian and European maestros all day, hang out at the pool or the bar in between, and there’s a wonderful milonga every night, with performances of Sexteto Milonguero (they rock!) and DJs from all over Europe. If you want a tango holiday to remember: don’t hesitate!