TanGOTOIstanbul 2015

We just did the busiest festival we ever did, in Istanbul, Turkey. Maral, Esref & Murat organised the 7th edition of TanGOTOIstanbul, with 10 maestros, 5 big salons with demos, 3 concerts with two famous tango orchestras and much more. We shot an obscene amount of pictures over a span of 40 hours in 5 days. We loved the people there, the energy, and after the 5 days, the possibility of sleeping past noon.

TangoToIstanbul 2015

Enjoy the pics here:

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Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival 2014

We’re back at MSTF in Porec for 5 days of tanning and dancing. The first evening was kind of unusual, since the milonga started with 2 hours of meditation in front of a TV screen (Argentina-Netherlands: 1-0 in penalties) and we discovered that Porec has active knowledge of the concept of ‘rain’.

[pe2-image src=”http://lh3.ggpht.com/-gmndObZtGWw/U75hM0RVHbI/AAAAAAABLBQ/UUnsyLziOw4/s144-c-o/TP.20140709.2229.0104.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/110716608888494560819/201407MSTFMilongas#6034367423540698546″ caption=”Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival” type=”image” alt=”TP.20140709.2229.0104.jpg” ]

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