TanGOTOIstanbul 2015

We just did the busiest festival we ever did, in Istanbul, Turkey. Maral, Esref & Murat organised the 7th edition of TanGOTOIstanbul, with 10 maestros, 5 big salons with demos, 3 concerts with two famous tango orchestras and much more. We shot an obscene amount of pictures over a span of 40 hours in 5 days. We loved the people there, the energy, and after the 5 days, the possibility of sleeping past noon.

TangoToIstanbul 2015

Enjoy the pics here:

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aRealidades @ Stockholm: Show #2

More pictures from the fabulous aRealidades show. Tonight we have the last performance and then the workshops and milongas are starting.
Stockholm turns out to be a swell city. It’s green, clean, not too cold, the variety in expresso bars is impressive, but most of all the friendliness of the Swedes is striking. If you’re in need of anything, they help you out in excellent English and otherwise they’ll just start chatting.


_MG_7404.JPG IMG_0486.JPG


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aRealidades @ Stockholm: Show #1

DNI Dance Company and Michel Bajuk present the first European performances of aRealidades in Stockholm, Sweden.

aRealidades seeks to explore human instincts in social relations: love, violence, power, creation, acceptance. The choreography tells a story about the world we live in today, about the endless search for balance and hope.

Quinteto Sonor
The performance starts with Quinteto Sonor, a young tango ensemble from Sweden.

After that, the dance begins. Eight dancers from DNI take us along a trip in human relations and strong emotions.

More pictures here:
aRealidades Stockholm, Oct 2009

Tangocamp Germany: Last tango in Dusseldorf

I decided to go to Dusseldorf for the last milonga of Tangocamp 2009. I have very good memories of the Greece edition and I wanted to see a couple of people back. You could see it was the 4th week in a row, the organizers and teachers seemed very happy that their month of excess of tango and lack of sleep was almost finished.

Natalie and Pino
The organizers of Tangocamp, Natalie & Pino, just hours away from the end of an exhausting but very successful Tangocamp.

Performance of the maestros

There were two performances that night too, one by Nancy & Damian and a second by Dana & Pablo. I obviously took pictures.
Dana y pablo
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