San Valentine Marathon, Roma

If Valentine’s Day brings out the romance in people, then what better place to spend it than in Roma? We were there for the first edition of Luca Lamberti’s San Valentine Tango Marathon. An excellent choice!


3 days in the sun, in the middle of February, meeting dancers from all over Europe, chatting with friends we hadn’t seen in a while, some tourism in the incredibly beautiful Rome, Italian food and spritz. Here are the photos: Continue reading “San Valentine Marathon, Roma”

Circuito Milonguero 2013, Torino


The best part of this job is all the great people you meet. We were invited to Torino by the amazing Ileana, to witness the Circuito Milonguero: not a marathon, not a festival but a series of 4 milongas in 1 weekend, a great way to get to know the local tango scene.


You can say what you want about the way they do politics, but the Italians sure know how to be hospitable and generous. We were welcomed in the home of Lorenza and Luca for the weekend and enjoyed exquisite food and conversations.


Beautiful venues, warm smiling people and great tango make it easy to take good pictures. I’m only halfway through the 3000+ pictures I took and I already like what Panni & me did.

Here’s the full album:

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