Abrazos Matinee @ London, UK


I was invited to my first UK tango trip: the Abrazos matinee, organized in London on Bank holidays by A Taste Of Tango. Not only did it feature workshops and a demo by Jenney & Giovanni Eredia (Firenze, IT), it also took place in a beautiful authentic room at Goodenough College, and in the most stunning sun drenched London.


The room was packed, and as the theme was ‘fiesta‘, there were colours everywhere. A great opportunity for me to play with light/shadow and colour filters.

TP.20130527.1649.0566.jpg TP.20130527.1816.0894.jpg TP.20130527.1543.0276.jpg

Thanks to Jenney, Tina, Evan, Giovanni, Fouad and Sharlene for making me feel welcome!


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Personal project: “zapatos terminados”


Dear tango ladies – fans of the Tango Paparazzo 😉
for a personal photo project for 2013 I am looking for end-of-life tango shoes or “zapatos terminados“. With this I mean: shoes that have become unwearable and/or unresellable because of wear or damage. The shoes you can only throw away, but it hurts your heart to do so 🙂
The more colorful/spectacular the shoes are, the better. The only thing I can offer in return is the eternal pride and satisfaction of you recognizing your shoes in a beautiful picture.