Koninginnedag @ Amsterdam

Koninginnedag in the Netherlands (April 30) is a funny day for non-Dutch people. You walk around Amsterdam and you see orange everywhere. Clothing, food, balloons, … It really is a day of pure party. And to make it totally memorable, the people from Academia de Tango had invited DJ Mala from Belgium and Sexteto Milonguero from Argentina, currently on a European tour.

Photographer of Tangocamp 2010!


That’s right, Nathalie & Pino, the sweet Swedish organizers of Tangocamp have invited me to be the TangoCamp 2010 photographer! So in June this year, expect me to be taking lots of pictures of tango afficionados in beautiful places.

What is Tangocamp? A travelling tango festival that starts on June 3rd in Dusseldorf, Germany, then goes to Rome, Italy the next weekend, to Stenungsund, Sweden the one after that and ends in a little piece of heaven called Eretria, Greece. You get classes from famous Argentinian and European maestros all day, hang out at the pool or the bar in between, and there’s a wonderful milonga every night, with performances of Sexteto Milonguero (they rock!) and DJs from all over Europe. If you want a tango holiday to remember: don’t hesitate!