Travel arrangements

Transport options

  • if < 500km: by car is possible (0.19 €/km)
  • if < 800km: by train (Eurostar/Thalys) is possible
  • if >= 500km: by plane


  • Brussels International (BRU): no travel or parking costs (we live very close to the airport)
  • Brussels South Charleroi (CRL): Charleroi parking cost will be 55 euro for a weekend, 100 euro for a week

Passenger names:

  • Peter Forret – Belgian Nationality
    • Belgian ID: 592-5960111-27
  • Anna Katalin Eszes – Hungarian Nationality
    • (watch out, “Panni” is not her official name, all official documentation says “Anna”)
    • Hungarian passport: BH2327929


  • 2 x hand 10kg luggage is always included
  • if the trip is 4 days or less: 1 x checked-in luggage of 20-30 kg
  • if the trip is 5 days or more: 2 x checked-in luggage of 20-30 kg


  • please let us know how to get from the airport to the venue/hotel: shuttle, bus, tram, taxi, pickup…